who we are?

The Gayubo surname has been linked to jewellery since Alejandro Gayubo opened his atelier in 1965. Since then and with his daughters as managers, Gayubo has become a reference brand for the high end jewellery scene of Spain. Almudena, with an Art and Interior design background, and Pilar, gemmologist, work together to design and create jewellery able to surprise and even make you fall in love.

The entire production process is hand made. Every single step takes place in Spain, under the careful control of the sisters, both of them striving to express their creativity in every jewellery item, through unique design and highest quality - integral parts of the Gayubo brand.     

Associated with elegance and exclusivity, Gayubo goes one step further in its love to a modern woman, offering jewellery to express the woman’s personality, jewellery with “the soul”.

At Gayubo, we work with passion just to be able to see you wear our little pieces of art and show them off anytime you fancy. So please, open up your jewel box and put things in their place.


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